The EliteForm Podcast

Luke Bradford, University of Kansas

Episode Notes

Luke Bradford, University of Kansas

5:30 Having something to prepare for physically

7:20 Zach Zillner – you’re working out or training

11:25 Update on Luke’s Role at KU

15:10 It takes an entire staff to get all the work done well

18:50 Sparta Science

19:15 Vert for managing training impact & volume in Volleyball

23:00 Collecting data and communicating with sport coaches

29:55 An intimate, convenient event to share information: ‘The Conference’ May 8th, 2020 

41:00 Moving between assistant to head roles

46:45 Talking about Portable & collaborating for installs

55:40 Improving our software

56:45 Joe Staub never backs down from a challenge 

1:05:50 Microadventures by Allister Humphries

1:08:50 DYK there are 53 fourteeners in Colorado? The corporate wellness brigade does

1:23:00 Kayak adventures & getting more joy out of less

Music: DFA1979 - 'If We Don't Make It We'll Fake It'