The EliteForm Podcast

Jay Thomas, Factor Bikes & Champion System

Episode Notes

Jay Thomas, Factor Bikes & Champion System

4:30 Leadboat Challenge

8:45 Team Over-analysis (Mark Savery) & prepping for a race at altitude

15:00 Factor Bikes & Champion System

16:20 Israel Cycling Academy & Team Parkhotel Women’s

17:20 Let my People Go Surfing, Yvon Chouinard

20:35 If I can ride my bike with you for an hour, and I enjoy it, we’re probably gonna work pretty good together

21:35 Internal & external customers

23:15 Creating a customer-centric identity

30:00 Shaping the perception of the Factor brand

40:30 Having a broad presence in a small social media community

42:25 TJ Eisenhart

42:45 Eric Marcotte

47:30 Inclusivity in the cycling world - Lindsay Knight, Instafund team

45:50 Bringing inclusivity into the bike shop – different voices make the company better

48:40 Lindsay Goldman

50:20 Events & opportunities in the Midwest

57:50 Evolution of bike production & improving messaging to consumers

59:50 Graham Schrive

1:02:05 DKXL & Land Run Double