The EliteForm Podcast

Brad Schmidt, Creighton University

Episode Notes

Brad Schmidt, Creighton University @BlueJayBrad


2:30 - Using Firstbeat to monitor training, avoiding getting buried in the data

4:02 – Shout out Donnie Maib & Nate Moe

8:55 – Using Data to categorize drill intensities & get buy in from sport coaches

15:00 – Building larger purchases into new building projects

16:05 – Shout out Andrea Hudy

17:30 – Using force plates for F-V Profiling (partnership with PT & Ex Sci programs on campus – Lee Barker, Jake Siedlik)

18:55 – Athlete Centered Health & Wellness Initiative

Some additional info on the H&W Program at CU

29:50 – Attracting the next generation of student athletes to campus

Brad noted later on that enrollment rate numbers vary depending on the study, some additional info here: 1, 2, 3, 4.

49:45 – Motivate to Avoid Failure vs Motivate to Achieve Success

56:50 – So… Malort

1:03:55 – Improving the hiring process & compensation for full time strength coaches

1:08:10 – Giving coaches more oversight means Increased responsibility on health & safety

1:15:45 – Dr Baechle

1:18:45 – Cal Dietz

1:21:30 – Letting athletes have ownership and the importance of patience in the process

Music: DFA1979 - 'If We Don't Make It We'll Fake It'