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Ben Williamson, Invest Nebraska

Episode Summary

Ben Williamson, Invest Nebraska

Episode Notes

Show notes:

1:40 Enterprise Legal Studio (Bart Dillashaw)

3:20 Ben’s Role at Invest Nebraska

7:10 Dan Hoffman & Matt Foley

10:35 Shark Tank pitching

11:35 The pitching process for Invest NE

14:35 ‘What is this problem you’re trying to solve in the world?’

19:05 Minimally viable product, the MVP

21:10 Categories of investments

24:25 Ocuvera & Steve Kiene

27:20 Covid19’s impact on finance

29:50 Metrics of growth

33:20 The Power Curve

41:05 Funding styles

44:20 Why VCs are okay with companies failing fast

47:45 Being an investor vs being a good investor

51:20 VC in pop culture has been bastardized 

53:40 The data on successful funds

59:20 Competition between funds in small vs larger market

1:02:35 Malort Moment

1:07:35 ‘No one is really good at picking companies’

1:09:00 Kauffman Foundation

1:13:20 Equity in a company defined

1:16:50 The Exit stage

1:32:05 Define Entrepreneur 

1:32:40 Ben’s Gym business

1:34:30 Parks & Rec reference from Skip (drink)

Music: DFA1979 'If We Don't Make It We'll Fake It'