The EliteForm Podcast

Dr. Andrew Fry, Jayhawk Athletic Performance Lab

Episode Notes

Dr Andrew Fry, KU Athletic Performance Lab

5:30 Playing background & joint replacements

11:15 Watching sports as a father & performance coach 

13:45 NSCA Special Interest Group on Baseball

14:30 Is technology directing the field, or are sports directing the technology?

17:30 Working with KU Basketball

21:30 What drives areas of focus in the lab?

26:40 Dr. Bill Sands

27:15 State of S&C research publications 

37:00 How to get started in the research

45:05 The goal of a sport scientist

50:30 Sabbatical work – Universidad Autónoma de Baja California

52:50 Molecular & cellular responses in muscles to resistance training

57:30 AV Hill

58:45 Enhancing Cognitive Function and Brain Plasticity– Human Kinetics

1:01:05 Measuring the correct data incorrectly

1:05:35 Dr. Chris Bach

1:06:00 Costs & turnaround time of gathering data

1:08:05 Ali Kershner

1:16:20 Glenn Cain & basketball squat strength

1:20:20 Speed testing for baseball 

1:24:50 What question are we trying to answer?

1:25:30 Malort Moment

1:26:15 Dr. Mary Fry, Sports Psychology

1:29:50 Achievement Goal Theory

1:35:40 Dr. Candace Hogue, Penn State Harrisburg

Music: DFA1979 “If We Don’t Make It We’ll Fake It”