The EliteForm Podcast

Andrea Hudy, Texas Longhorns Basketball

Episode Notes

Andrea Hudy - Head Coach, Basketball Strength & Conditioning, Texas Longhorns

3:45 Jay Thomas 

5:55 Peloton therapy 

7:15 Socially data driven metrics

7:50 Cole Aldrich

10:50 Hypnotherapy 

15:00 Inclusivity & diversity through recruitment

19:35 Connecting with people through Social Media

23:00 Dr Coyle, Human Performance Lab & the Iso-inertial Ergometer Bike 

25:30 Load vs Range of Motion

30:45 Overloading without overworking

35:30 ‘Two Healthy sets per one Performance set’

38:10 Looking at the stat line to focus training in the weight room

39:00 Sparta & Catapult

41:45 Creating value as a Performance Coach

42:35 Decreasing fear of performance

46:00 ‘What do I need to do to play more?’ vs ‘Why am I not playing?’


Music: DFA1979 – ‘If We Don’t Make It We’ll Fake It’